Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where Did Winter Go?

Six in the morning should be one of the coldest times of the day.  But at 6am today it was already 22C/72F in Hong Kong.   Granted I live and work in the one of the hotter parts of the city - not far from Causeway Bay, a packed shopping district that some locals liken to Tokyo's Shinjuku.  I Just one day after the 20 March Spring equinox and its already hot and humid and it feels like Summer.

Hong Kong barely had a winter this year.  I hardly used my two electric heaters, many nights my nice think down comforter was kicked to the side, and my very nice sweaters stayed in the closet.   

And its not just the air temperature. I like to swim at Hong Kong's beaches throughout the year and noticed that the water temperature never really got to a level that made me shiver.  In the past I could feel a whole-body tingly sensation during the first 200m in cold water.   It never happened this year.

"Global Warming" Google Trends graph is below.

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  1. Humbled. Just like trying to forecast near term market direction, the weather changed. Within minutes of writing the above, weather turned nasty - not quite sweater and thick-down comforter temperatures - but colder, overcast and rainy.

    I think we've seen diect sunlight for less than 8 hours in the last several weeks. Luckily I got in a good two mile swim in Deep Water Bay during this small window of sunshine. I'll have to remember that good luck on days when everything seems to be depressing.