Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cambodia's Stock Market - Low Volume

I met with a few brokers in Phnom Phen in early February. Several very kindly put me on their mailing list.  It is nice to get their daily emails as they have very positive stories about new restaurant chains opening in the capital, the country's first ever shopping mall, and the continued expansion of textile and garment manufacturing.  It sounds like the country is rapidly progressing. 

The stock market only has one listed company however.  And even that is not very liquid.  Today's SBI email noted that total traded value today on the entire market was a mere USD15.  Both buying and selling broker can proudly claim 100% of the trading volume. 
Below is a cut-and-paste from today's SBI daily email (15 August 2013). 
"PPWSA’s stock closed higher at KHR6,100 (USD1.50) per share, up 1.7% from yesterday’s closing price. Market volume was only 10 shares in turnover of KHR61,000 (USD15). There were 83,245 shares unmatched in the sell side with best offer of 440 shares at price of KHR6,100 and only 5,295 shares unmatched in the buy side with best bid of 677 shares at price of KHR6,040.
"RHB Indochina securities was the sole seller today amounted to 100% of total shares traded while Acleda securities was the sole buyer amounted the same 100%. Local individual investors sold 100% and bought back 100% of the volume whereas foreign investors did not trade for today."

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